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Occupational Health and Safety

Management promotes health and safety as a habit that must be upheld by the entire personnel, and for which everyone assumes a share of responsibility. Safety is everybody’s business!  


Employees are informed and trained to routinely identify danger, take measures to eliminate it, and put in place monitoring mechanisms in order to ensure ongoing workplace safety.


There is no priority above occupational safety.


It is an integral part of all our work methods and processes.




Sustainable Development



Management collaborates with governing authorities to achieve economic growth in the regions where it is entrusted with implementing various works.   


It enforces social equality by employing and training local human resources.


Management also chooses appropriate work methods in order to carry out its operations in a responsible manner and in absolute compliance with applicable environmental requirements.

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ISO 9001 : 2008 / R.B.Q. : 3102-0985-72

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